Who Is Rob Wagman?

Rob Wagman has made a commitment to the people of Kings Mountain, NC that he will take every morsel of the skills that God has given him to utilize them for the growth of the City of KM and for the encouragement and quality of life for the people who call Kings Mountain home.

It was the fall of 2004 when Wagman, then living in Charlotte, was invited to Cleveland County by the woman who he would later marry, Sarah Lee, maiden name Owensby. Wagman recalled her love for Mountaineer football as she walked her dogs just outside of the fences to take in the game from near the scoreboard.

I could have never imagined myself on that day, not only falling in love and marrying my wife, but looking into the future enough to know that KMHS Football would be the catalyst to cause a love that would make me fight for the people and the community who made the energy in those stands worth fighting for.

KM Elite and The Touchdown Club Make A Lot of Sense

Rob Wagman continues to have an outrageous career in media, marketing, radio, music and entertainment. His positive leadership style has aided in the launch of many radio, music, acting and comedy talents throughout his 30+ year career.  

Lauren Daigle and Rob Wagman celebrate another milestone in a career he believed in from the start.

Rob has a boldness in his leadership style that sets up boundaries for what is acceptable and what is not, which create guardrails for the companies and people who are ready to soar, but may not have the right direction just yet.

Managers at CBS and iHeart Radio highlight Rob’s ability to quickly detect where the workflow stops, gets stuck or interrupted; putting Rob in positions to oversee project execution for the purpose of solutions within the workplace.

Audacy Media speaks of Rob’s marketing skills as ‘the most creative, sometimes outlandish, but wildly effective’ in producing an outcome of high visibility, brand loyalty and long-term audience growth. 

Pete Davidson and the Wagmans August 2023
Pete first met Rob and Sarah Lee in 2010