Rob Wagman in One Word

Fruitfulness is a word that has been used to describe Rob Wagman’s abilities, whether it is working for a corporation, 501c3 or with an individual, Rob has a track record unlike any other, taking hopeless and dire situations and creating something explosive, virtually out of nothing.

Several times in his career in media, Wagman has been tasked with the impossible, or with a product that corporate deemed low or no viability. But Rob Wagman would transform those products beyond the thought processes of the people he worked for. And this became a pattern in his career.

With fruitfulness comes financial reward, and as far back as 1991, Wagman would create a vision, marketing plan or execution strategy that would open the floodgates for the companies he worked for to reap a bountiful harvest.

One example to showcase is one of the many times Rob was able to run media companies here in the Carolinas. He was given the reigns of a radio station nobody believed in. The year was 2004 and Kiss 95.1 and Power 98 reigned supreme in Charlotte. But, instead of hearing the outcome from us, read it the way it was published in 2005 within the music industry. 

Do you believe Kings Mountain could use a dose of fruitfulness? There is a man running for the office of mayor who believes in this city, the way he has many things in his past and fruitfulness follows him wherever he goes. 

This November 7th, VOTE Rob Wagman Mayor of KM.

To see how fruitfulness isn’t selfish, witness how the people who worked for Rob during this era of his radio career fared in their own careers by reading this article.